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What is the maximum scholarship award that will be granted?

A Turk Scholarship recipient can receive up to $10,000 per year.

How many Turk Scholarships will be awarded each year?

The Turk Scholarship program intends to award up to 20 scholarships each year but there can be no assurance that this number will be achieved.

Are there any specific criteria for awarding a Turk Scholarship?

All applicants for a Turk Scholarship must demonstrate a financial need to be eligible. A Turk Scholarship is awarded on a completely non-discriminatory basis without any barriers due to religion, gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin or disability.

Do I need a certain grade point average to qualify for a Turk Scholarship?

There is no minimum academic requirement for a Turk Scholarship. An award of a Turk Scholarship is based upon many criteria including academic achievements (see application for more information).

Does the Turk Scholarship require an interview?

Once all applications are evaluated, an interview may be required. If this is the case, the applicant will be contacted after April 1st with specifics.

Are there any limitations as to where I can continue my education after high school?

All courses of study must occur at an accredited not-for-profit two-year or four-year college in the United States or at a technical or vocational school that is fully licensed and/or accredited by the U.S. Department of Education. Internet, correspondence learning programs and for profit colleges will not be considered.

Must I be a full time student to qualify for a Turk Scholarship?

All Turk Scholarship recipients must be full time students as defined by the school they are attending.

Must I be a citizen or legal resident of the United States to be awarded a Turk Scholarship?

All Turk scholarship recipients must either be citizens or legal residents of the United States.

Must I reside in San Diego County to be awarded a Turk Scholarship?

Applicants for a Turk Scholarship who have not served in the military must be at least two-year residents of San Diego County. Former military applicants must have lived in San Diego County for two successive years out of the past five and be a one year resident upon the receipt of a scholarship award.

Are Turk Scholarships awarded for more than one year of study?

Turk Scholarships are initially granted only for the first year of college or technical school, without any commitment for any future financial assistance. However, scholarship recipients can apply in the future for financial assistance, if it is required for additional educational years. Graduate study will not be considered.

Can an initial Turk Scholarship be awarded for any year of post high school study?

An applicant for an initial Turk Scholarship must either be graduating from high school or have graduated in the last five years. A Turk Scholarship will only initially be awarded for the first year of continuing education.

What may Turk Scholarship funds be used for?

Scholarship funds are available for:

  • Tuition, fees, books, and supplies (paper, notebooks, etc.)
  • Room and board for those attending a college outside of the San Diego area will also be considered.

Scholarship funds are not available for:

  • Previous expenditures or repayment of loans
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Insurance of any kind
  • Travel expenses to or from school from San Diego County
  • Moving expenses

Where will my scholarship funds be sent?

All scholarship funds will be sent directly to the school of the successful applicant’s choice with such funds being specifically designated to the student’s financial account at such school. All funds will be equally split between each academic semester as defined by the recipient’s school.

Is my scholarship award taxable by either the IRS or the State of California?

Recipients of Turk Scholarship funds are not taxed on such funds but successful applicants should obtain their own tax advice on this topic.

Do I have to re-pay the funds I receive from a Turk Scholarship?

As all Turk Scholarship funds are paid directly to the recipient’s school, a Turk Scholarship recipient has no responsibly for the repayment of such funds.

How do I submit an application for a Turk Scholarship?

Turk Scholarship applications are to be completed and submitted, together with all required attachments, on-line at

When is an application for a Turk Scholarship due and when will I be notified of its status?

Applications may be submitted at any time, however applications must be submitted no later than March 1st. Successful applicants will be notified after June 15th together with the amount of their award. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified sometime after May 1st. Please notify the Turk Scholarship of any change in e-mail address.

Is there a fee to apply for a Turk Scholarship?

There is no cost to apply for a Turk Scholarship.

How do I attach required information to my application (essays, grades or other required documentation)?

All required attachments or submissions for the Turk Scholarship application should be uploaded on-line at

How do I save, remove or change information uploaded for the Turk Scholarship application?

Upon logging onto each applicant will create an individual account with a unique password. An applicant may log onto their scholarship account as often as they wish to add to and/or revise their application prior to submission.  However, once an application or information is submitted, no changes or additions may be made to such submission, although such application or information may be supplemented.

Can I submit a partial application?

A complete application must be received not later than March 1, 2016. However it is encouraged to submit as much completed information as possible (application, grades, recommendations and the like) prior to this date.

Whom should I contact if I have additional questions about the Turk Scholarship?

Please contact Mitchell Price at with any questions.